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The Big Freeze: How HM Treasury’s freeze on EBTs & EFRBS will leave overseas players skating on thin ice

If the freezing winter temperatures were not enough to put overseas players off playing for English clubs, HMRC’s announcement that they are closing down Employee Benefit Trusts (‘EBTS’) and Employer Financed Retirement Benefit Schemes (‘EFRBS’) with immediate effect will be enough to bombard their agents and accountants with pertinent questions and arguably stop any new [...]

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Can Tevez Tear Up His Own Contract. – ‘Club Power -v- Player Power’. – ‘Sporting Just Cause’

If Tevez is as unhappy about staying in Manchester as his associates apparently suggest and refuses to play or retire, City may sue for breach of contract, seeking tens of millions of pounds in compensation from Tevez agent. Given that Tevez has 3 and a half years left to run on a five year contract [...]

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Richard Cramer comments to the Insider – Morrisons FIFA attack set for red card

Morrisons’ decision to seek £1m from FIFA for snubbing the England 2018 bid in an “unfair process” is highly unlikely to succeed, according to Richard Cramer, partner at Leeds-based sports law firm FrontRow Legal. Cramer told Insider Morrisons’ “tongue in cheek” request was good promotion for the supermarket, but the chance of a refund was [...]

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Guest Blogger Prof. Chris Gale – Sporting Integrity – What Counts as Cheating?

‘Guest blogger, Prof Chris Gale from Bradford University School of Management – a top ten UK business school – attended FrontRow Legal’s event at Elland Road. Chris is Director of Legal Studies at the School and specialises in sport and the law. Sporting Integrity – What Counts As Cheating? We are told a lot about [...]

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Media blamed for failure of England World Cup Bid

Questions are being asked and fingers are starting to be pointed after England’s 2018 Fifa World Cup bid failed yesterday, 2nd December 2010. The England bid went out in the first round, having earned just two votes, with Russia beating the Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium bids in round two. Prime Minster David Cameron, who was part [...]

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Guest Blog by Brendan Guilfoyle : “Football clubs: stop chasing an unaffordable dream”

  As Sheffield Wednesday is the latest club to hit financial problems, football money expert Brendan Guilfoyle of The P&A Group, told Channel 4 News that major clubs are paying a heavy price for an unrealistic dream. 1. What is the difference between Administration and Liquidation?Administration was introduced in the 1980s to promote a “rescue culture” [...]

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