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Social Media and the Olympics – tweet carefully or fall foul

Time and time again, despite all of the warnings and guidance given to athletes and professionals alike, we still see them using Twitter* as an open message board to vent their opinions to the entire world without having any consideration of their audience. What they haven’t yet grasped is the fact that a tweet is [...]

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World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Olympics – Part One

Two days before the London Olympics officially start, it has been reported that nine, yes that’s correct a staggering nine track and field athletes have been suspended for doping offences. Given that it is such a current topic, we have explored in this blog the purpose of WADA and the impact it has on the [...]

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Ambush Marketing – Part Two

In the first blog in this series I looked at some of the considerations surrounding ambush marketing, where one company has paid a large sum to be the official sponsor of a sports event and another, rival, company seeks to “ambush” those rights by generating media publicity associating it with the event without paying the [...]

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Ambush Marketing – Part One

As the Olympic Games is now under way, with women’s football taking place even before the official opening ceremony, it seemed like a useful time to consider the problem that the event organisers face from ambush marketing, and how the media are already reporting some of the stories that are emerging. There have been a [...]

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