Unfortunately in this economic downturn, insolvency has become a fact of life for many businesses and the business of sport is no different.

Many sporting clubs, particularly in football have recently found themselves in insolvency situations, often leading to deduction of points and inevitable relegation. Another casualty of the credit crunch was the British Ski and Snowboard Federation (BSSF) trading under the name Snowsport GB. The BSSF’s recent fall out from administration had far reaching implications not only for the 15 British athletes involved in the Winter Olympics 2010 held in Vancouver, but for all British winter sports that rely on government and lottery funding.

Our team members at FrontRow have an understanding of the different forms of insolvency, including administrations, winding up proceedings and the modern way of rescuing businesses through pre-packs. We have excellent connections with insolvency practitioners that specialise in sport and we are equipped to advise companies through the process.

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